How Does Business Intelligence Help In Decision-Making Process?

Making business decisions is not an easy process but it’s much easier when you use dedicated tools that provide key information about your company. Let’s check the most important advantages that are common for the top Business Intelligence providers

BI delivers data from all systems.

BI platforms let you merge data from all systems that are already implemented in your company. The ERP, Stocks, Sellings, CRM, HR, Orders, Sales data – all of them are usually handled by different systems and managed by many departments. But for You, as the man in charge, it is crucial to get all information accessible in one place – this is your dedicated dashboard with the most important indicators, showing whether all pieces of the company go in the right direction.

It is your single source of truth.

In many companies, it is common that every one like to calculate everything by himself, usually doing it in his own, secret Excel sheet, getting data without proper knowledge about the data source, structure or the specification and making his very own calculations. This is why metrics, for example about profit in the company, are computed differently by almost everyone who has ever tried to prepare a quarterly report. BI is different – every data element is mastered only in one place – your BI system, so all users get data with the same quality. There are no more mistakes about how to read the data.

It helps find the hidden patterns in your data.

Data visualization is the most beautiful part of Business Intelligence. It allows to get information by visual effect, so your mind can easier compare and understand patterns between measures that you want to investigate. With dynamic dashboards that allow you to quickly and easily drill down and filter out your reports by any dimension or measure, you can answer your ongoing questions without requesting new reports.

Sends the latest dashboard to your email-box.

Thanks to scheduled jobs/tasks, it is possible to set the newest dashboard to be automatically emailed when it is scheduled or when a selected metric crosses its threshold. It is very useful when you want to be informed at a particular time, for example in the morning, without logging into BI system, or when something important happens in your company.

It is always up to date.

Due to automatic updates, dashboards always show the most recent data and reloads queries in the correct order. All top BI systems have great and userfriendly administration panels, that allow BI admins to easily manage the data flow processes in background without affecting the user experience.

Works on all devices.

BI dashboards are available on your screen whether it is – PC, Mac, tablet or phone – it can be designed for your desired format or thanks to response screening it will fit your device. And is accessible from anywhere, just run your web browser and access today’s analytics without worrying about the performance.

It shares your findings faster than ever.

Use collaboration functions to save your findings or share it with your colleagues in seconds. Business Intelligence is all about working easier and faster, so if you have found any interesting patterns or you just want to prepare a report for company meeting – share a filtered visualization to tell your colleagues about your discovery.

Uses databases that you already have.

No need to build another data warehouse, just join databases from your systems inside BI tool. The newest BI solutions are designed to pull and calculate data independently, so in most cases, there is no need to expand IT database infrastructure, as BI platforms handle data on its own dedicated and the most efficient way.

ETL is already there.

Without hard coding, let your data analysts design and build the data flow processes and use predefined functions to create a proper data model that loads data in the currently needed shape. Top BI systems are prepared to Extract, Transform and Load data to fill your dashboards with information that you expect to see.

Keeps your data safe.

Authentication methods and filtered access make sure that data is visible for only authorized users and blocked for others.

It is hard to imagine the decision-making process in modern companies without Business Intelligence. It saves time, delivers the right information and makes management more efficient in everyday work.

These functions are common for most of top BI platforms, but if you want to check details of all available advantages, please refer to the newest information on provider sites:


Qlik Sense:


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