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Dedicated Dashboards – ready to implement reports designed specially for Your business.  

It’s for Analysts, Managers and People who are in decision-making processes, to help them better understand their work and businesses. 

Order Dedicated Dashboards, that will integrate with your systems and help you become a data-driven company using Business Intelligence solutions.  

1.. Click Order Dedicated Dashboard button.

2.. Fill the form and answer our questions so we can better understand your needs.

3.. Wait for our feedback, we can ask additional questions before we start our work.

4.. Dedicated Dashboards will be delivered along with implementation, automation and training.

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Sales By Customers Dashboard

Data visualization is all about answering questions. Business grows and you already know how your sales by products go. Better understanding of who and how actually buys your products can help

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Sales By Products Dashboard

Data visualization is all about answering questions. Starting from basics, let us analyse sales by products dashboard. Sales departments usually want to know what, when and how many iteams were

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Maciej Kaniewski

Business Intelligence Architect

Luiza Kaniewska

Business Intelligence Specialist

Business Intelligence is my work and passion. I deliver analytics, reports, visualizations and data flow automatizations for over 15 years. 

I design dashboards to help people see and understand data with attention on details and uncompromising standards.

Dedicated Dashboards
Boost Your Success

Use our form to order a dedicated dashboard which will fit your environment and help you answer your business questions using one of three best Business Intelligence platform.