Dashboard for Movie Producer

You are a movie producer and would like to know what kind of movie you should invest in and what people should you hire in order to increase the chances for making a successful movie? Probably it’s not your everyday concern 🙂 Unless, like me, you decided to create a Dashboard for Movie Producer for the purpose of the Data Visualization Contest organized by Lingaro!

Contests in data visualization category are a fantastic place for showing your analytical skills and ability to design and build a practical dashboard. In most cases projects shown by BI experts are limited to only one dashboard which, due to specifics of the competition, most often remind an infographic than an interactive analytical tool. Design of the viz is naturally limited and forces the creator to choose only the most valuable objects.

My job was to design a visualization that could help a movie producer analyze all parameters and increase the chances for making a successful movie. I built a dedicated dashboard with the most important indicators. As the movie producer, I would like to know if the budget has anything to do with the chances of movie success. It turned out that the relation between rating and budget is not really an indicator to follow. Movie with a huge budget is not a premise for an Oscar or even a nomination.

Definitely much more interesting attributes are: movie genre and people working in the movie. “Drama” is an obligatory component of success. For the whole history of Oscar awards, movies with this genre are chosen the most often. It’s worth to combine it with other top genres.

More interesting patterns you can find here by working with an interactive version of Oscar Nominations dashboard.

I also invite you to read the article and familiarize yourself with great visualizations on Lingaro web page. My Dashboard for Movie Producer was also noticed and categorized as “notable mention” 🙂

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