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Have you ever wondered how many refugees applied for asylum in Poland between 2000 and 2017? Which country received the most and the fewest asylum applications? How many asylum applications have been accepted and rejected? In which year was the largest increase in the number of asylum applications submitted for a given country?

Let’s try to answer those questions with some data analysis.

There were around 173 289 people who were granted refugee status or subsidiary protection in Poland from 2000 to 2017.

How many asylum applications have been accepted and rejected?

The list of the TOP 10 asylum- seekers countries include Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Romania, Belarus, Vietnam and Pakistan.

The largest group of beneficiaries of protection status in the Poland since 2000 remained citizens of Russia (76 791 persons), followed by citizens of Georgia (10 257) and those of Ukraine (2 287). A similar number of asylum seekers came from Tajikistan, Romania, Belarus, Vietnam and Pakistan, but Romanian nationals had an exceptionally high rejection rate (96,99 %). Among the ten main origin countries of asylum applicants on which decisions were rejected rates in the range from 22 % for Russia, 67 % for Ukraine, 84 % for Vietnam to 96 % for citizens of Romania.

How many asylum applications have been accepted and rejected?

Almost all TOP 10 countries have at least one great peak of asylum seekers in last 17 years. The situation is different in Russia and Belarus, as the flow of applications on the timeline varies greatly.

What is the number of decisions for a particular country?

Let’s take a look at the table below.

We can clearly see that Russia has sent more than 8 times as many asylum applications than Georgia.

Data analysis has provided us with a lot of information that we usually do not notice. To find more interesting insights, please have a look at the interactive dashboard.

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